Creatively Inspiring Civic Engagement

Entertainment professionals
creating meaningful messages.

    The Entertainment Creative Collaborative Outreach Program (ECCO-USA) is a diverse collective of entertainment professionals from high-level executives to creatives in the areas of film, music, television, sports, social media and digital.


    Our mission is to help bring needed attention to key issues and initiatives that will have a positive impact on the national, regional and local levels via public policy, civic engagement, and legislation.


    After policy briefings from political leaders, Consortium members brainstorm and offer plans using their expertise to translate political initiatives into practical communications for the public.


    ECCO “creative translations” explain systems, policies, and ideas into understandable terms, and how these policies affect issues and the community.


    In addition to creation, we also assist in the promotion and distribution of numerous important and oftentimes difficult/complex federal and state issues and initiatives.

    Television creative executive worked with top-rated shows to create deeper, more complex characters and story “dives” about issues regarding police shootings.
    Talent Booking
    for Good
    ECCO has helped secure surrogates, singers and moderators for events, convention caucuses and general election programs and conventions. The celebrities’ involvement heightens media and public awareness of these issues and events.
    Requested, Targeted Tweets
    Members of the ECCO Latino group shared information from the White House Director of Hispanic Outreach on their networks’ Twitter accounts during Hispanic Heritage Month.


    We want to work on issues that matter.

    Sharon-Frances Moore, Chair


    Neil Gladstone, Vice Chair


    Tracy Baker-Simmons, Production Chair


    Ajit Samar, Coordinator


    My Sentence
    Video Series
    To generate discussion around President Obama’s commutees and the need for sentencing reform, celebrities — including Monica, Ludacris, Tim Robbins, Pusha T and Gabourey Sibide — read the first-person testimonials from former inmates.


    Diversity in 
    Entertainment Series
    To educate students about opportunities in the entertainment industry, ECCO teamed up with HBO Access to develop a series of videos profiling successful crew members who come from diverse backgrounds.
    PSAs for
    ACA Sign-up 
    Members created shorts, commercials and other related content to encourage ACA sign-ups. Pieces featured John Leguizamo and were shown on Telemundo and MTV and shared by NowThis.


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