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Blue Skies

A Few of Our Videos

Some of the talent who has been generous enough to work with us includes Chloe x Halle, John Leguizamo, Tim Robbins, Pusha T, Gabourey Sidibe, and Ludacris.

Make Your Vote Matter

Chloe x Halle joined us to give tips to make sure you're ready to vote. The video was shared by TVOne and and received tens of thousands of views.

Leguizamo Healthcare PSA

John Leguizamo spoke to us backstage at his smash play "Latin History for Morons" about the importance of signing up for healthcare coverage. His PSA was recording in both English and Spanish, broadcast by Univison and Telemundo and shared on John's personal social accounts. The video received millions of broadcast views and 760,000 online.

My Sentence - Tim Robbins

The Obama administration came to ECCO asking to create a project related to the president's commutees. We developed the "My Sentence" project, in which Tim Robbins, Ludacris, Gaboure Sibide, and Pusha T read the personal testimonies of recently freed prisoners who had been locked in jail for decades for nonviolent crimes. The video were shared by and Refinery 29 and viewed by millions of people.

Get Out the Vote - Vic Mensa

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa explains why getting out the vote is so important to make your voice heard and make an impact on the culture. The video was shared by both TVOne and and seen by over 112,000 people.

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